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Agile Development

Digital transformation is permeating processes of enterprises operating in various verticals – be it any industry from finance to banking or from Retail to Travel. It is a well- established fact that customer experience is the benchmark of success. Amgo Consulting provides agile-based advisory services in various domains including Software Development, Project Management, and service environments. Our Agile software development methodology helps deliver high-quality applications that meet customer needs.

Amgo Consulting has a decade of experience in executing a huge number of agile projects. We have also served clients by implementing agile processes like XP and SCRUM, as well as aligned agile with CMMI process areas. Our industry best practices and governance models that nurture coordination and collaboration among distributed teams are the best in the industry. We provide complete Agile Program Management, software development support to companies, including defining team composition, process guidelines and process improvement procedures and practices throughout the process characterization.

Our Agile services include:

  • Agile Product Consulting.
  • Agile Team Coaching.
  • Agile Program Management.
  • Agile Software Development.
  • SCRUM Implementation.
  • Continuous Delivery Transformation.