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About Amgo Consulting

Our team of highly skilled professionals will work as an extended part your business and will make it a point to understand not only your solution need but also the budget requirements to deliver best value solutions.

Contract Staffing for everyone

Amgo Consulting gives its clients outstanding IT experts to meet their innovation prerequisites at both national and local level. Amgo Consulting surpasses customer desires through its exceedingly demanding procedures for screening, recruitment and talent engagement. Amgo Consulting can rapidly discover you very talented IT experts who are the best fit for your company.

The pricing model of Amgo Consulting is reasonable and straightforward. This approach empowers us to fabricate robust associations with our customers, the basis of which is trust.

Best in Contract Staffing

The scene of the American workforce is changing, favouring a move towards the adaptability of contract workers. As Baby Boomers resign and Millennials enter the workforce in a shaky economy, contract staffing has turned into an alluring alternative for both candidates and clients

We use most extensive and sophisticated network of professional contacts in the nation to screen the finest and professional talent. All the more significantly, we draw talent from that same system to fill our official enrolling needs also. So, in the event that you meet our capabilities for recognizing extraordinary ability, we invite you to become a part of our expert professionals’ network.

Why Contract Staffing

  • Fast: Keeping aside the permanent hires; contract specialists typically need a job very early. Thus, a quicker hiring decision becomes possible as there is less risk involved in placing a contract worker.
  • Replenishing: Contract staff individuals can benefit by this kind of staffing. As extraordinary candidates end their assignments, they re-enter your pool of talents. Hence, it helps you to hire the similar best talent again and again.
  • Profitable: Contract staff individuals are commonly paid according to the hours that they have invested. As a reward, if your clients decide to procure specialists from you, you will get the invariable cost from your client as well.
  • Flexible: Contract Staffing allows the business to acquire the proficiency needed for the short term contracts and save on manpower resources as well as money. It also helps you in employing an individual with specialized skills as per the project.
  • Time Effective: Response time is an important factor for the unexpected departure of an employee during any urgent project or the unplanned order. Contract Staffing can usually provide you with the work force in as low as 24hrs of time frame.
  • Stretchable: Contract Staffing will provide and option of
    extending the tenure of the temporary employees on the projects basis. Business thus can take the benefits of his skills to complete the project.