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IT Infrastructure Management Services

Amgo Consulting IT Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) offers a suite of solid, responsive, adaptable and demonstrated IMS solutions and services that give our customers a leading edge over their competitors. Amgo Consulting combines IMS with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to optimize the performance and quickly remove any issues present. As we manage our clients’ IT operations, they can retain complete control and have transparency throughout the project lifecycle through our carefully defined and built management and operations platforms.

Our rich procedure and service offerings span through the IMS framework lifecycle of Know & Understand – Plan & Develop – Run & Monitor and incorporate complete IMS consulting, enterprise networking, data center, end-user computing, and IMS operations and management.

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Methodology and Benefits

We utilize a formal approach to build and deliver IT Infrastructure management services. We put an extraordinary emphasis on individuals, process and innovation, tending to the whole “evaluate, manufacture, and work” lifecycle.

Our IMS benefits includes SIX noteworthy strides

Our way to managing and building world-class IT Infrastructures guarantees that individuals, procedures and innovation are appropriately adjusted. Each world-class IT infrastructure emerges from an extensive approach Staffactory follows.

Requirement Analysis

Business understanding and process view using state-of-the-art processes and re-engineering with world-class analytics.

Advanced Convergence

The truly connected enterprise with Integrated Business and Operations platforms.

Maximize System Readiness

Complete IT Infrastructure management, standardization and optimization based on industry best practice.

Lower Infrastructure Cost

Continuous cost out, using Staffactory’s proprietary approach to reduce the costs and provide enhanced value to our clients.

Streamlined Processes

Robust technology and process driven operations and maturity models as per our customers’ need.

Migration and Support

Fast-track task migration and testing, enabling smooth handover to steady-state support.