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About Amgo Consulting

Our team of highly skilled professionals will work as an extended part your business and will make it a point to understand not only your solution need but also the budget requirements to deliver best value solutions.

Optimization of the customer experience is everything for the retail sector, with digital transformation across all customer touchpoints and cutting edge mobile technology to meet the lightning pace of consumer demand.

Retail industry is faced with the unique challenge of delivering superior experience to the end user at every point of their shopping. With increasing competition, margin pressures, and informed shoppers, retailers have to find new and innovative ways to retain market share and gain new customers.All of these challenges can be significantly reduced by ensuring efficient customer care services to address issues related to product information, pricing, warranty support, and promotions.

Amgo Consulting can handle the complete lifecycle of customer care so smart retailers can manage their resources efficiently and reduce operational costs.
Our retail experience includes:

  • Department Stores and General Merchandising
  • Fashion and Apparel
  • Grocery and Drugstores

How We Help You

Many retail organizations get mired in ongoing tech support and maintenance efforts rather than focusing their attention on innovation and the high quality customer interactions that are critical in this space to ensure profitability.

Common challenges include:

  • Reactive focus on low-lying technology challenges and maintenance efforts rather than innovation and “continuous improvement.”
  • Lack of collaboration between IT and the business.
  • Lack of baseline knowledge of agile methods across the organization.

Our technology consulting and staffing solutions enable retailers to assess their current state, make the appropriate shift in culture and skills to support the product delivery timeline and deliver high quality solutions to internal and external customers.

Why Amgo Consulting Technologies:

  • State of the art infrastructure which enables us to provide uninterrupted services.
  • Highly reliable IT and Network infrastructure with multiple redundancies.
  • Broad Technology Reach – Proven ability to deliver to a wide spectrum of existing and emerging Technologies.
  • Agility – Amgo Consulting have the right blend of qualifications, processes, synergy and commitment to provide world-class service and deliver to our customers’ expectations.
  • Maximize savings through better turn around and reduce defect rates.
  • Deep commitment to our customers defines how we do business and our years of experience working across the industries.
  • Unique global engagement model allows the customer to chose the sourcing strategies best suited to their business needs.